• The first ever taste! Tried handmade Cry Cheese Burger near COEX!
  • Hae Song Sushi Restaurant Enjoy plenty of freshness in Seogwipo sushi restaurant
  • Tasty Review Best late-night snack in Hong Dae is chicken feet!
  • Here in Shinsa, we're Korean traditional gentlemen. Moon Table in Shinsa, Deep taste of Korean sauce - Michelin awarded
  • A good place to bring your parents Yang Ban Daeg, Korean table d'hote with soy sauce marinated raw crab in Insa-Dong
  • The restaurant where even the photos look yummy! Pan Asia, Asian cuisine where all the foods are great/A place with good food on Garosu-Gil
  • I had Menbosha and Dongpayuk Mok Ran, the Chinese restaurant I could reserve after making 500 phone calls
  • When you are in Itaewon, try Itaewon taco!!! Taco Vatos in Itaewon, They say the food here is so yummy
  • 3MK, Yummy spanish restaurant in Gangnam 3MK, the spanish restaurant in Gangnam with good food and atmosphere