Stylist 스타일리스트

A person who creates the best style for each different individual’s needs

Go for a stylist career with K!
$220.00 ($250.00)
  • What is Stylist?Free [1Chapter] What is Stylist? 8minute - ‘K’, A Stylist of Korea
    - Who is Stylist?
    - 2019SS Trend Analysis
    - Stylist as a Career
    - Introduction of Stylist Course
  • Fields of Stylist [2Chapter] Fields of Stylist 7minute - Introduction of stylists in each field
    - Stylist for Celebrities
    - Stylist for Ads
    - Personal Stylist
    - Magazine Stylist
    - Drama/ Movie Stylist
    - What Will Be on Next Course
  • Necessities for Stylist [3Chapter] Necessities for Stylist 8minute - Necessity 1.
    - Necessity 2.
    - Necessity 3.
    - Necessity 4.
    - Necessity 5.
    - Necessity 6.
    - Necessity 7.
    - Necessity 8.
    - Necessity 9.
    - Necessity 10.
    - What Will Be on Next Course
  • Sense for Styling [4Chapter] Sense for Styling 6minute - How to Gain Experience on Clothing
    - How Should Stylist Read through Magazines
    - Importance of brand knowledge
    - Styling tips that hide body imperfections
    - What Will Be on Next Course
  • Fabric / Color Styling [5Chapter] Fabric / Color Styling 8minute - Styling Tip Using Fabric
    - Color Matching Tip that Never Fails
    - Tone-on-Tone Color
    - Tone-in-Tone Color
    - Neutral Color
    - Accent Coordination
    - Advanced(Style) Course Introduction
  • Actual! Personal Styling [6Chapter] Actual! Personal Styling 14minute - Personal styling-actual
    - T.P.O. analysis
    - Model Analysis
    - Styling No.1
    - Styling No.2
    - Styling No.3
    - Wrap-up

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