K-Beauty School Before & After

  • K-Beauty School 제 실력에 대한 자신감이 생겼어요 정수연

    친구가 좋다고 하길래 한번 회원가입 해봤어요.
    생각했던 거 보다 알기 쉽게 가르쳐줘서 너무 좋았어요.
    키트도 배송오고 진짜 학원에 있는 것처럼 배우니까 자신감이 생겼습니다.
    곧 사람한테도 시술할 수 있을 것 같아 기대됩니다.

  • K-Beauty School The course that encouraged me so much Tanya

    I quit my job and started late to be a semi permanent make-up artist.
    Everything was new to me and I found it very difficult at first.
    But as I practiced more and more as the teacher said, I feel more confident now.
    I can have my own client and treat them all by myself.
    For the teachers who helped me to settle down.

  • K-Beauty School The best course I’ve ever had Melissa

    Hi, I went to Korea to take lessons at K beauty school.
    The price is cheap so I just tried.
    I think the teachers at the school are really well experienced.
    I made the right choice. Thank you.

  • K-Beauty School I want to let my friends know also olivia

    I live far away from Korea but could take on-line lesson easily from K beauty school. I want to let my friends know also.

  • K-Beauty School K-Beautyschool真的太棒了! 刘玉聪


  • K-Beauty School I've been to K Beauty School in Korea for lessons. hansle

    Hello, I've been to K Beauty School in Korea for lessons. Now I am back for more since this on-line lesson is cheaper and more convenient.
    I think the lecturers at K beauty school are really experienced. I think I made a good choice. They are the best!

  • K-Beauty School 처음 듣는 강의인데..좋아요! 홍지선

    무엇보다 다른 온라인 영상보다 재미있어요. 처음 하는거라서 무섭게 생각했는데 영상을 여러 번 보니까 괜찮아졌어요.

  • K-Beauty School 我已经学习了半永久 李东妊

    我已经学习了半永久,从以前学习的地方我的实力没有上升,因一直保持一样水平很不满,但是偶然知道了K-beauty 并听了课程,学习了我没有学习到的知识,以前学校的老师没有教过. 因为在实际操作的时候,老师们告诉了很多难点,对我有很大的帮助,谢谢.

K-Beauty School