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  • Participants who do not agree to personal information use would be excluded from the selection of winners.
    ⓘ Note to the winners of the event
    • Announcing winners would be posted on the website or sent via SMS.
    • Please check the receiving consent on 'my information administrating' under 'my page' to receive the SMS, in case you have won the event.
    • Please check the announcement of winners for the event under 'notice'.
  • Please note that the prizes would be sent after the period of entering personal information of winners.
  • Entry for event is available only for once per each account.
    • Download learning is not included in the number of completed learning.
      VOD streamings are admitted only.
    • The lecture will be confirmed as completed only for lecture spent at the time of more than 70%.
    • The criterion of completion of lectures is every lecture needs to be completed.
  • Winning the event may be cancelled if you have stole other's personal information or participated with any illegal method.
  • Prizes are subject to change due to circumstances, and the announcement date and delivering schedule also can be delayed. .
  • Re-shipping the prize is not available that are misdelivered or wrong-delivered due to entering incorrect personal information.